Lee Luu

Lee Luu

Reiki Master

Lee is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Coach who helps people clear away negative energies and patterns that hinder their health and happiness.



Holistic Counselor

Senaca has been practicing for 17 years and is a qualified Holistic Counselor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Healer and Past Life Regression Therapist.

Healing happens to those who seek it

Reiki is a gentle, yet highly powerful healing modality. It is an ancient Japanese healing method that works with ‘pure or universal energy’ to eliminate negativity and toxins in a person as well as restoring positive energy and vitality back into a person.

Rarely is there a healing method that benefits the mind, body and spirit in equal effectiveness – and this is exactly what Reiki can do for you regardless of your gender, age or health condition.

Are you feeling stressed, anxious or fatigued? Are you suffering from pain or have an ailment that just won’t get better? Are you running into regular conflict and upsets with people? Are you just feeling uninspired? Are you lacking your ‘mojo’ and don’t feel your best?

If you answered yes to any of the above – chances are you are running low on ‘life energy’ (or ‘ki’). A Reiki treatment will clear away your negative energies and restore positive energy – your ‘ki’- back into your system. Other benefits include:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and anger – bringing you back into a calm and peaceful state
  • Assist in healing illness and strengthening immune system (shortens recovery time
  • Heal hurtful experiences from past and present
  • Provide you greater clarity so you can be at your most inspired, creative and intelligent Self
  • Increase your energy levels

For those spiritually open and feel there is something lacking or hindering them – Reiki will bring forth a wonderful shift from deep within – restoring you back to good order, health and balance. You will feel good, clearer and more in tune with life again.

It will be a healing treatment that will do you wonders.

Author: Lee Luu, Founder of Sacred Not Scared.