Diagnostic Testing

Chantelle Bazerghi

Chantelle Bazerghi


Chantelle has 10 years experience as a Naturopath and Reflexologist, specialising in hormonal imbalances, digestive issues and mental health.

Diagnostic testing is available through Naturopathic consultations.

Tests available include:

  • Hormone testing – for men and women experiencing any hormone related issues, including mood fluctuations, irregular cycles, acne, low libido, etc.
  • Allergy testing (blood spot or serum) for up to 96 different foods – mostly used for digestive and skin conditions.
  • Digestive Stool Analysis – to gain a better understanding of digestive complaints, to analyse functions issues, assess microbiome health and for general wellbeing.
  • Breath testing – fructose and lactose malabsorption, helicobactor pylori, and other malabsorption issues.
  • Pyrrol testing – for a greater insight to the causes of anxiety and depression.
  • Neurotransmitter testing – ideal for better understanding what hormones are influencing your mood, especially when antidepressants and other medications have not been adequate in resolving mental health issues.

This is just an overview of our most common tests used to design treatment plans and assess progress. Other tests are available.

Inquire to find out more about what test would be most suitable for you.